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Benjamin St. Croix learned early in his pastoral career that theology “off the shelf” rarely benefits the most vulnerable.  After dabbling in mental health care for most of his professional life, he returned to the Islands area following an eight year assignment in Ohio, to assume a chaplaincy role at the Deux Anges Centre for Mental Health.  Little did he know that the approaches to care that define his professional practice would land him as the subject of a heresy investigation.

In Praise of Uncertainty explores the impact of legalism on struggling souls, and examines an approach to faith that centers less on dogma and more on human well-being.  It is a penetrating examination of the attitudes that form the core of fundamentalism, and a passionate call for change.  

Few things are ever as they appear on the surface. For Benjamin St. Croix, life in an all-male maximum security mental health facility is its own society with its own rules. His challenge as a Multifaith Chaplain and psychotherapist is to create cracks in the awareness of individuals often deemed to be without souls and unworthy of forgiveness. In Bending Light, the reader will be drawn into a conversation about basic human dignity, exploitation and vulnerability. Hanging from the "thin gold chain" of the story is a "massive jewel" that will challenge the reader to rethink long held confidences. The message concerns everybody, especially those who think they know what is best for others.

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